Lauren Darrell

Lauren is a graduate of the Lotus School of Integrated Professions (formerly the American Institute of Massage) where she studied multiple therapeutic modalities, including myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, chair massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology and lymphatic massage. Since then, she has received advanced training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy and in treatment of chronic pain.

In her off hours, Lauren continues her life-long love of music by teaching private piano and voice lessons and she has worked as a professional pianist and conductor across the country. Lauren uses her background in performing arts and an extensive study of anatomy/physiology from three different schools to help her understand and treat the therapeutic needs of patients with repetitive stress injuries and sports injuries.

A member of Dr. Olson’s clinic since 2014, Lauren is privileged to help patients achieve a better quality of life through medical massage therapy.

Wayne Ellyson

Wayne Ellyson is a graduate from Steiner School of Massage. After graduating in May of 2014, he then continued on to further his education by obtaining nine different massage certifications. Wayne’s main modalities of massage include: medical massage, sports massage, cranial sacral massage, reflexology, deep tissue, trigger point and pregnancy massage.

Wayne’s interest for medical massage therapy began during his time in the military. Seeing the physical and mental stressors the military goes through, his passion for massage therapy grew. He retired from the army in July of 2017, with 23 years and five deployments. He then continued on to help many others through massage therapy.

Wayne has been with Dr. Olson Chiropractic since 2015. He is proud to help people live a higher quality of life through the use of massage therapy, and loves seeing the improvements and healing of all his patients.